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Attorney Daniel James Cardinal has practiced law for a general litigation law firm in the Boston area for 32 years. This law practice has now moved to Franklin Massachusetts where Attorney Cardinal has resided with his family for 30 years. The Franklin Law Group practice will continue to personally represent clients throughout New England from its new home in the following practice areas:

Personal Injury

This specialty area of the law seeks to protect the rights of clients that have been physically, emotionally and financially harmed by the negligence of another person or entity.

Franklin Law Group assures that all aspects of your needs and all elements of our client’s damages are fully paid by the at fault party or the insurance company for the at fault party.

Motor Vehicle Collision

Persons that suffer physical and emotional injuries due to the negligence of another driver are entitled under the law to be compensated for their injuries and related financial damages. Whether you are the driver of a car, a passenger in a car or a pedestrian, if you are struck by another car and the driver of that car is at fault, you are entitled to money damages.

Franklin Law Group has been representing injured people involved in car collisions for over thirty years obtaining millions of dollars for these injured people and their families. Attorney Daniel James Cardinal will personally handle your motor vehicle claim through every step of the claim. Your case will not be referred to another lawyer as other firms do. All motor vehicle collision cases are handled by Attorney Cardinal personally.

Dog/Domestic Animal Attack

Any person that is injured by a domestic animal in Massachusetts is entitled to money damages. Whether the injury is caused by the animal biting a person or knocking a person to the ground causing injury, the injured person is entitled to money damages. It is not required that the owner of the animal was negligent in controlling the animal or that the animal was known to be aggressive. All that is required is to show who is the owner or keeper of the animal and that person, and the home or business insurance company that insurers that person, is responsible to pay money damages.

Franklin Law Group has successfully represented multiple clients in dog bite and animal injury cases including several significant money damage awards in excess of $400,000.00 and $500,000.00 through settlements and jury trials. All claims for animal bites or injuries are generally covered through an owner’s homeowners insurance or business insurance and does not involve any payment from the owner directly.

Wrongful Death

The value of a person’s life is recognized in the law as being compensable to the family that has lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person or the negligence of another entity.

Franklin Law Group has represented the victim’s estate and the families of the departed loved one in multiple cases over the years obtaining settlements/judgements well in excess of One Million Dollars. We have been there to support the family through this most difficult time and assured that the insurance company or the negligent entity paid full compensation to the family for this most tragic loss.

Medical Malpractice

The negligence of a doctor or the negligence of a medical facility that results in injuries or death to a patient is compensable to the patient as the victim of that negligence or to the family as the victim of that negligence.

Franklin Law Group will assist you to identify if you have been the victim of a doctor’s negligence or of a medical facility’s negligence. Has the doctor or medical facility breached the standard of care that you as the patient have the right to expect and the right to receive? Let us help you to determine if your right to proper care has been taken from you and caused you to suffer a medical malpractice injury.

Estate Planning

Protect yourself, protect your family and protect your loved ones through proper estate  planning. This protection includes: properly executed Wills for you and your spouse, properly executed Power of Attorney should you become unable to make financial decisions for  yourself, properly executed Health Care Proxy should you become unable to make medical decisions for yourself, Revocable and Irrevocable Trust to protect and pass on real estate assets and business assets to assure these assets pass directly to the beneficiaries.

Franklin Law Group can provide you with the proper knowledge and guidance to assist you in putting together the specific estate plan that you personally need to protect your specific assets and your specific needs.

Business Law

Every business needs professionals to associate with so as to assure that the business is protected. A key person for every business is a business law attorney that has the knowledge and skills to help that business avoid conflicts. Should conflicts occur, then the business needs a skilled litigation attorney to guide the business through the conflict and through the litigation process to a successful result.

Franklin Law Group has the knowledge and skills to protect your business. We have successfully represented clients for over 30 years through business litigation conflicts having tried business cases to jury verdicts in excess of a half a Million Dollars. More importantly we have successfully guided businesses to avoid the time and cost of litigation through resolution of conflicts.

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